Bialetti Aroma Classico Ground Coffee 250g

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Product description

Bialetti's Aroma Classico is the perfect coffee for Bialetti stove top coffee makers.The beans are ground to the perfect "moka" grind for optimal coffee extraction using Bialetti's stovetop makers.

Composition - 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

Roasting - Slow roasted to allow every bean to fully express its richness in taste and aroma

Grinding - Specific to Moka express (and all Bialetti stovetop coffee makers)

Weight - 250g / 8.8oz

The blend:

70% Arabica is a homogenous mix of Natural Brazilian Arabica and Washed Arabica from Guatemala. The Brazilian variety gives the blend an aromatic, intense and full-bodied base, with chocolately notes. The Guatemalan variety, grown in the mountains, enriches this blend with elegant honey and vanilla scents.

30% Robusta comes from the finest Asian varieties, mainly from India and Vietnam, to give this coffee body and intensity.

A strong full-bodied blend to enjoy on its own or add to hot frothed milk for a cappuccino.

* Helpful hint: For best results, store coffee in freezer after opening to preserve freshness.