Chilli Pepper Spangles Twilight

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Product description

Easy to grow and long cropping

Colourful chillies with a mild, sweet flavour

Perfect for growing in the greenhouse or on a windowsill

Easy to grow and with a fantastically long cropping season, Chilli Pepper 'Spangles' provides summer-long harvest of sweet, mild chillies for multiple culinary dishes. Not only productive but also highly ornamental, this variety provides a four-colour display with masses of neat cone-shaped chillies which emerge purple before gradually changing to white, then orange and finally ripening to bright red. Wonderfully versatile, use these beautiful, mild chillies to add colour and flavour to salads, side dishes, curries or use them to make a delicious sweet chilli sauce. Height: 75cm (30"). Spread: 45cm (18").

packet contents : 10 seeds