Lavazza A Modo Mio - 10 Flavour Variety Set (160 Capsules)

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Product description

This Lavazza 10 Flavour Variety Set consists of 1 box of each of the following flavours:

Delizioso (previously named Deliziosamente)
Passionale (previously named Appassionamente)
Magia (previously named Magicamente)
Lieve (previously Lievemente)
Divino (previously named Divinamente)
Dolce (previously named Dolcemente Lungo)
Dek Cremoso (previously Cremosamente Dek) - decaffeinated
Soave (previously named Soavemente)
Intenso (previously named Intensamente)

Details of the coffees included:

Delizioso - 100% Arabica. Roasting: Medium

Well rounded, smooth, aromatic.

A blend of Brazilian Arabica coffees, with an aroma of white grapes and notes of dried fruits, skillfully combined with sweet flowery Indian Arabica in a delicate roast which reveals a well rounded bouquet, with a sweet aftertaste and distinctive aromatic notes. The authentic well rounded Italian espresso.

Suitable for preparing with milk.

Passionale -100% Arabica. Roasting: Dark with notes of caramel

Harmonious, full-flavoured, smooth.

The Arabica coffees of Brazil, full-bodied with notes of dried fruits, fuse with those of India, with their intense sweet aromas; these qualities, along with a rich deep roast, give a deeply balanced and full, slightly caramelised flavour, rich in smokey toasted notes. The espresso of Italian tradition.

Suitable for preparing with milk.

Magia - 100% Arabica. Roasting: Medium

Highly aromatic, fragrant, well rounded.

A selection of full-bodied, well-rounded Arabica coffees from South America and smooth aromatic Indian Arabica, mixed with the exclusive Arabica of the Ethiopian highlands, give this remarkable blend its characteristic notes of wild fruits. The slow roast completes the harmony of flavours, unleashing a sublime aroma. An exquisite espresso for the connoisseur, with magical fragrant accents and a smooth taste.

Lieve - 100% Arabica. Roasting: Medium

Delicate, smooth and with a floral bouquet.

A blend of the finest Arabica coffees from Central America - delicate and with floral notes - and sweet Arabicas from the Brazilian highlands. Thanks to its fine aromas, its special grind and a light body, this blend will satisfy your wish to enjoy an excellent, real Italian espresso in a large cup.

Divino - 20% Robusta/80% Arabica. Roasting: Dark

Velvety with a distinctive character and hints of chocolate.

A selection of Arabica coffees from Central and South America with a distinctive well-rounded taste and notes of exotic fruit, blended with the highly-prized washed Robusta from Central-South Asia, smooth and spicy. The prolonged dark roast reveals the refined balance of this wonderful coffee. An exquisite velvety espresso with a fantastic persistent after taste ending on hints of chocolate, one for the connoisseur.

Suitable for preparing with milk.

Lungo Dolce - 100% Arabica. Roasting: Medium

Smooth, well rounded and creamy.

A blend of sweet, flowery, Indian Arabica, expertly combined with the best Brazilian Arabica, with its notes of dried fruit. The combination of these varieties, and the special grinding, result in a coffee that's exceptionally smooth and creamy, with a persistent and rounded aftertaste, ideal for those who want the authentic Italian coffee taste in a large cup.

Dek Cremoso - 100% Arabica. Roasting: Medium

Full-flavoured and well balanced decaffeinated coffee.

An exceptional blend of sweet and full-bodied Brazilian Arabica, decaffeinated using a purely natural method to keep its fragrance intact, and then roasted to bring out its full and well-balanced taste, while preserving its body. The authentic Italian espresso, naturally decaffeinated.

Suitable for preparing with milk.

Tierra - 100% Arabica. Roasting: Medium

Hints of chocolate, intense, full- flavoured.

A blend of fine Arabica coffees sourced only from sustainable cultivations in Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms. The full body and chocolaty hints of Brazilian Arabica coffees from the Cerrado are expertly blended with the well rounded and aromatic flavours of Peruvian and Honduran Arabica, to obtain an espresso with an intense aroma and full flavour. A perfect union of quality and sustainability.

Suitable for preparing with milk.

Intenso - 50% Robusta/50% Arabica. Roasting: Medium.

Intense, full-bodied, well-rounded.

A combination of coffees originating from South East Asia, with a rich flavour and notes of spices, perfectly blended with full-bodied Arabica from Brazil and the smooth coffees of India's highlands, to obtain an espresso which stands out for its persistent aftertaste, full body and richness of spicy aromas. The authentic intense Italian espresso.

Suitable for preparing with milk.