It has never been so easy to keep your floors looking great. With Bona's Floor Cleaning System with mops and cleaners you can easily, effectively ,and in a safe way, care for your floors.

Bona Cartridge 850ml - Oiled Wood Floor

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Cleaner for use together with Bona Spray mop, is specially developed for efficient cleaning of oiled wood floors.

£8.49 inc VAT

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Bona Cartridge 850ml - Stone Tile & Laminate

Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner Cartridge for use together with Bona Spray mop, specifically formulated for cleaning laminate, vinyl, and tile floors.

£8.49 inc VAT

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Bona Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaning Kit

The Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit is a boxed starter kit comprising one Bona four piece mop with handle, one washable microfiber Bona Cleaning Pad and one 1-litre spray bottle of Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaner.

£29.99 inc VAT

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Bona Deep Clean Microfibre Pad

Brand New Deep Clean Microfibre Pad

£9.99 inc VAT

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Bona 2.5L Refill Bottle - Oiled Floor Cleaner

Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors is a safe, easy and effective cleaner for oiled wood floors. It cleans and nourishes your wood floor, while providing extra protection.

£19.99 inc VAT

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Bona Wood Floor Polish 1L - Matt

Bona Wood Floor Polish is a ready-to-use waterborne maintenance coating for varnished wood floors. It preserves the matt look on your floor while offering continued protection against wear.

£16.99 inc VAT

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Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 850ml Cartridge

Brand New Deep Cleaner

£11.49 inc VAT

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Bona 1L Spray - Wood Surface

A specialist cleaner to take care of dirt, fingerprints and food smudges from kitchen areas such as countertops, dinner tables and cabinets.

£7.99 inc VAT

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