Drain Unblockers

Faithfull Drum Auger 25ft 7.6m

Easy to use drum auger that is designed to remove blockages from household pipes and drains when plungers and chemicals fail to work

£27.95 inc VAT

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Spirits of Salt 500ml

Unblocks Toilets,Pipes & Drains clogged with Soap,Hair,Paper,Grease and other organic Material. Also Descales Toilets below the rim.

£3.75 inc VAT

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Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Unblocker 1L

Enzymatic formula that's safe for septic tanks

£7.95 inc VAT

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HG Duo Drain Unblocker 2x500ml

Powerful Drain Unblocker

£12.00 inc VAT

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HG Kitchen Drain and Plug Unblocker 1L

Drain Unblocker for Kitchen Sinks

£6.90 inc VAT

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Buffalo Toilet Concertina Plunger

These plungers, sometimes known as suction plungers, are made of plastic and have a concertina co

£4.95 inc VAT

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Ecozone Plughole Drain Unblocker 250ml

Dissolves Hair

£8.25 inc VAT

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Hg Drain Odour Remover

Makes sure a smelly kitchen or bathroom drain smells fresh again

£5.10 inc VAT

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Buster Bathroom Drain Clear 300ml

Dissolves hair and sludge

£4.49 inc VAT

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HG Liquid Drain Unblocker 1L

It Works Efficiently And Penetrates The Blockage Usually Formed Behind The Trap

£5.00 inc VAT

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