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Ecozone Ecoballs 1000 Washes - Sensitive

Hypoallergenic & suitable for sensitive skin

£21.99 inc VAT

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Ecover All Purpose Cleaner 5L

Fresh perfume from plant based ingredients effective cleaning with the power of nature naturally and hygienically cleans all hard washable surfaces no residue of unnecessary chemicals

£13.99 inc VAT

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e-cloth Shower Pack

In order for you to feel sparkling clean, you need a sparkling clean shower and it has never been easier than with e-cloth's Shower Pack.

£9.49 inc VAT

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Bee's Wrap - Medium Wrap 10"x11" 3 Pack

Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or cover a bowl! Bee's Wrap© is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage

£13.99 inc VAT

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Cornstarch 50L Bags

Compostable Bin Liners

£13.50 inc VAT

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Ecover Classic Dishwasher Tablets Pack70

Full of smart green science these dishwasher tablets from Ecover pack a powerful, biodegradable, plant-powered punch to leave your dishes smear free and squeaky clean.

£13.99 inc VAT

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Ecozone Plughole Drain Unblocker 250ml

Dissolves Hair

£8.25 inc VAT

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e-cloth Glasses Cloth

This is the cloth to accompany your glasses. The Glasses Cloth leaves lenses and frames with a sparkling and perfectly clear finish.

£1.99 inc VAT

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Bee's Wrap Roll 1.3m x 35cm

The new Bee's Wrap Roll is a rusable and fully biodegradable form of food wrap that is 1.3m in length.

£24.99 inc VAT

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Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves 750ml

Give the toilet bowl a thorough clean without those eye-watering chemical smells.

£2.49 inc VAT

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Ecozone Tap & Shower Descaler Gel 150ml

Removes Limescale & Grime

£4.99 inc VAT

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e-cloth Deep Clean Mop Set

This is the mop for hard floor cleaning. No need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals; all you need is water and the highly absorbent Deep Clean Mop, to clean hard floors simply and quickly.

£19.99 inc VAT

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