Brabantia New 30L Touch Bin - Daisy Yellow


£100.00 inc VAT

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Elastic White - 6mm x 3m

Korbond Elastic is ideal for a multitude of applications and can be utilised for repair work, sewing and craft projects.

£1.69 inc VAT

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Index Mini - Silver

Joseph Joseph

£32.00 inc VAT

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Large Metallic Pillar Candle Silver

High quality unscented solid wax pillar candle

£6.00 inc VAT

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Marigold Cleaning Me Softly Non-Scratch Scourer Pk2

Non Scratch Scourers

£1.50 inc VAT

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Brabantia Size H 50L Bin Liners 30pk Dispenser

Perfect fit - precisely tailored to fit your Brabantia bin in a large dispenser pack that works like a tissue-box.

£9.99 inc VAT

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CupboardStore Set of 4 In-cupboard Pan Lid Holders

Joseph Joseph

£12.00 inc VAT

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Premium Bucket - Black

12 Litre Capacity

£4.99 inc VAT

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Bona Cartridge 850ml - Oiled Wood Floor

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Cleaner for use together with Bona Spray mop, is specially developed for efficient cleaning of oiled wood floors.

£8.49 inc VAT

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e-cloth Hob & Oven Pack

e-cloth's Hob & Oven Pack is all you need to clean your cooker - tackling grease and heavy cleaning with just water.

£9.49 inc VAT

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Brabantia Twin Pedal Bin 2 x 20L - Matt Steel

Fingerprint Proof

£149.99 inc VAT

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250 x 80 Altar Candle

Price's Church candles will add elegance and light to any home.

£7.75 inc VAT

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