Brabantia Digital Kitchen Scales - Matt Steel

With a stainless steel hanging loop, they can be stored within easy reach.

£28.99 inc VAT

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White Tealights 10pk

Made from 100% refined paraffin wax for a high quality burn.

£2.60 inc VAT

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e-cloth Dusters 2pk

The ability of these dusters to attract and hold dust will surprise you. Dusting will be over in no time.

£4.99 inc VAT

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Bona Applicator Pad

Bona Applicator Pad is designed for the application of Bona Wood Refresher and all Bona Polishes on all surfaces. Washable and reusable and attaches to the Bona Mop with Velcro-like strips.

£9.99 inc VAT

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e-cloth Deep Clean Mop Set

This is the mop for hard floor cleaning. No need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals; all you need is water and the highly absorbent Deep Clean Mop, to clean hard floors simply and quickly.

£19.99 inc VAT

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10" Venetian Wrapped Candle Red

Handmade in solid wax colours these elegant non-drip dinner candles give a bright, clear flame.

£1.15 inc VAT

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Garbina Poly Bags Pack25

Garbina refuse bags (279mm x 406mm x 457mm)

£2.95 inc VAT

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Chef's Tin Candle

With extracts of basil, patchouli and geranium these candles employ Odourfoyl T technology to neutralise unwanted odours leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.

£4.00 inc VAT

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e-cloth Granite Pack

The ultimate cleaning solution for granite worktops. It has all you need to tackle stuck-on dirt and grease and give it a sparkling finish.

£9.49 inc VAT

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Fragrant Lantern Candle Tea Rose

Delicate fragrances complemented by beautiful graphic designs.

£1.99 inc VAT

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Reed Diffuser Tea Rose

Each carefully selected fragrance will evaporate into the air through the rattan sticks, leaving your home smelling fresh and welcoming.

£13.50 inc VAT

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e-cloth Glass Towel

All you need is the ultimate Glass Towels to dry glasses with one wipe and leave them sparkling. The results are so stunning, drying glasses will be a pleasure, believe us.

£4.99 inc VAT

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