Laundry Spares and Consumables

Miele WA DF 252 L Special detergent for Down 250ml

Ideal for pillows, sleeping bags and high-quality down clothing.

£13.99 inc VAT

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Miele Ultraphase Kit - 7 bottles of Ultraphase1 & 5 bottles Ultraphase2

2-component detergent for whites and coloured items

£199.99 inc VAT

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Miele WA SP 252 L Special Detergent Sport 250ml

Perfect for breathable sports clothing

£9.99 inc VAT

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Miele FA A 151 L AQUA Fragrance Flacon 12.5ml

Fragrance flacons envelop your laundry with your favourite fragrance during drying.

£14.99 inc VAT

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Miele TF-HG4 Tumble Dryer Filter

Special filter for Miele Medicdry tumble dryers.

£16.99 inc VAT

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Miele WA CHM 1001 L Caps - Home box 10pk

The perfect addition for special applications.

£11.99 inc VAT

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