Pest Control

Zensect Anti Moth Proofer - Pack of 20

Moth Proofer eliminates all clothes damaging types of moths, larvae and eggs.

£4.49 inc VAT

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Ant Gone Ant Killer Watering Can 5 Litre

Ready to Use

£10.49 inc VAT

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ZER019 Flea Killer Refill Set

Contains Replacement Bulbs & Pads

£7.99 inc VAT

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Mothkill Aerosol 300ml

Kills moths and stops them coming back.

£6.00 inc VAT

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Rentokil Clothes Moth Killer Papers - 10 Strips

The product kills moths, their larvae and eggs with an insecticide into a paper strip.


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Organic Slug & Snail Killer 800g

Showerproof Formulation

£5.50 inc VAT

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Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer Qty2

Ready to use solution to a mouse infestation. Containing a unique, highly palatable product, which kills mice within 24 hours

£10.99 inc VAT

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STV020 Flea Killer Control System

Flea killer unit control system for unwanted fleas in and around your home or work place.

£17.99 inc VAT

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Zensect Hanging Moth Repellant

BEST SELLER Eliminates all types of moths, larvae and eggs that damage clothes. Hanging design ensures no direct contact between the active material and clothing. Each unit is sealed in a hanging container so there is no skin contact. Effective even f

£4.99 inc VAT

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Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill

Pack of 2 Refills

£5.79 inc VAT

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Vitax Box Tree Moth Trap

Pesticide Free

£22.99 inc VAT

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Mottlock Food Moth Trap - Pack of 5

Food moth pheromone bait (sexual scent of the femal moths) attracts the males. Effective for approx. 8 weeks

£9.75 inc VAT

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