Pet Care

Bob Martin Spot On Cat Flea & Tick Killer : 2 pipettes

For Cats over 2 Months Old and 1Kg

£9.25 inc VAT

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Lily's Kitchen Adult Dog - Chicken & Duck - 1kg

Grain Free Recipe

£8.99 inc VAT

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Bob Martin Cat Wormer Tablets Cat / Kitten 2 Tablets

Effective in One Dose

£5.99 inc VAT

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Travel Water Bottle 250ml

Compact solution for pets on the move

£2.99 inc VAT

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Johnson's Cat Flea Collar - Felt

4 Month

£4.19 inc VAT

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Lily's Kitchen Duck & Venison Sausages 70g

Lily's Kitchen Scrumptious Duck & Vension Sausages are packed full of proper meat and these tempting tasty treats are made with natural ingredients and without any added nasties or grains.

£2.95 inc VAT

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Natures Menu Frozen Freeflow Tripe 2kg

Feeding your dog a balanced raw diet packed with goodness can make a real difference to their wellbeing and vitality.


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Urine Off Dog & Puppy Formula 500ml

Urine Off Dog & Puppy Formula removes both old and fresh urine stains and odours permanently, from virtually any surface.

£10.99 inc VAT

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Orbiloc Dog Safety Light - Purple

Orbiloc Safety Light is a Danish-made high quality LED Safety Light designed to keep you and your loved ones safe in the dark.

£21.99 inc VAT

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Lily's Kitchen Organic Training Treats for Dogs 100g

Healthy baked treats to help you achieve the impossible

£3.19 inc VAT

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Bio-Catolet 12L Cat litter

Light and Hygienic

£6.99 inc VAT

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Lily's Kitchen Chicken Bites 70g

These brilliant little bites from Lily's Kitchen are bursting with mouthwatering proper meat.

£2.95 inc VAT

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