Sebo Spares

Sebo AIRBELT K / E Series Dusting Brush with Clamp

The Dusting Brush has long soft bristles for effective dusting of grooves etc., without causing damage to delicate surfaces. Comes with attachment clamp

£14.99 inc VAT

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Sebo Kombi Floor Head

High performance combination suction head. Suitable for carpets and hard floors.

£46.00 inc VAT

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Sebo Tool Clamp - Light Grey

Used to fit the dusting brush to the X range of upright vacuum cleaners.

£2.95 inc VAT

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Sebo FELIX / DART Motor Protection Filter

The motor filter forms part of the Felix 3 stage filtration system, which helps to keep the air around you clean, whilst protecting the motor.

£9.99 inc VAT

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Sebo AUTOMATIC X Series Service Box

A cost effective way to buy bags and filters. The X Series Upright Service Box contains 8 ultra-bags, a microfilter and an exhaust filter.

£23.99 inc VAT

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Sebo D Series Microfilter Box

D Series Microfilter Box containing a hospital grade micro-filter and a micro hygiene filter.

£32.99 inc VAT

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Sebo Upholstery Tool - Light Grey

Replacement Upholstery Nozzle for AUTOMATIC X, EVOLUTION and FELIX vacuum cleaners

£6.95 inc VAT

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Sebo Auto X Exhaust Filter

Replacement AUTOMATIC X exhaust filter.ÿ

£5.95 inc VAT

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Sebo Stair & Upholstery Turbo Brush

This is an air driven rotating brush for small areas and is ideal for stairs, upholstery and pet hair. Lifts carpet pile and gives a superior fibre/hair pick up.

£39.99 inc VAT

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Sebo AIRBELT K Series Service Box

The K Series Cylinder Service Box contains 8 Ultra-Bags, a hospital grade microfilter and an exhaust filter.

£27.99 inc VAT

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Sebo FRESH Vacuum Bag Perfume Capsules

Add a fresh citrus fragrance to your home as you vacuum with SEBO FRESH. Pack of 5.ÿ

£4.50 inc VAT

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Sebo AIRBELT E Series Ultra Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Box of 8 microfibre fleece bags for outstanding performance, filtration and hygiene.

£14.99 inc VAT

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