Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L Spray

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Product description

Our most powerful wood floor cleaner yet, this ready to use formulation is designed to tackle tough grime and heavy dirt build up. With 3 times the cleaning action of our other cleaners, the unique oxygenated formula is powered by Hydrogen Peroxide to lift even the most stubborn dirt, grime and allergens from the surface.

Formulated for use on varnished (lacquered) and hard wax oiled wood floors, it's equally effective on laminate flooring, tiles, sealed stone, vinyl and lino.

Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner is also safe for use on oiled floors. However, as any form of regular damp cleaning will gradually reduce the protection of a penetrating oil finish, we recommend that oiled floors are treated with a maintenance oil following cleaning with Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner.

Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner leaves no residue, is pH neutral, gentle on surfaces and kind to the environment. Its Greenguard gold certificate proves its clean air record. For best results use with the scrubbier Bona Microfiber Deep Clean Pad attached to your Bona Spray Mop or Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop. Spray the product on the pad or directly on the floor - then simply wipe away the dirt.


1L spray pack; 850ml cartridge for Bona Spray Mop

Solution loosens tough heavy build-up

Oxygenated formula penetrates for a deep clean

Bubbling action helps lift away stubborn debris