Brabantia Size C 10-12L Compostable Liners 10pk roll

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Product description

A 'green' solution for your waste disposal. Especially designed for Brabantia Bins like the Built-in Bin 10 litre or pedal bin 12 litre. These green Brabantia bin liners are fully compostable, environmentally friendly, strong and easy to use.


Bin liners are made of certified compostable material and can go on the compost heap.

Use the bin liner no longer than 10 days - do not place hot waste into the bin liner (e.g. tea bags) - heat resistant to 50øC/122øF.

Please note: to keep the compostable bin liners in optimal condition, the packaging is made of normal plastic (PE) and must be disposed with the normal waste.

Part No: 419782