e-cloth Window Cleaning Pack

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Product description

The Window Pack is for all types of window, both inside and out. The large Window Cloth cleans thicker dirt and grime from windows and frames. The Glass & Polishing Cloth is great for a final smear-free finish on glass.
Window Cloth
This cloth will clean the thickest grime and grease from window frames, inside and out. It is also for the first clean on large areas of glass. The fibres have high absorbency, making the cleaning very easy.
Glass & Polishing Cloth
The cloth removes light dirt and absorbs small quantities of water lightening fast, which is what enables it to give a smear-free finish. It easily outperforms specialist liquid cleaners on mirrors and glass.
1 x Window Cloth (40cm x 40cm)
1 x Glass & Polishing Cloth (40cm x 50cm)