Ecover All Purpose Cleaner 5L

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Product description

Be sure to leave those hard surfaces spic & span with Ecover All-Purpose Cleaner. One diluted capful goes a long way - tackling the kitchen floors to the bathroom tiles. Naturally, it's been given the big thumbs up from the Good Housekeeping Institute too.

Personal Benefits:
fresh perfume from plant based ingredients
effective cleaning with the power of nature
naturally and hygienically cleans all hard washable surfaces
no residue of unnecessary chemicals
also available as refill where facilities exist click here to find local refill store
Environmental Benefits:
quick and complete biodegradability. (OECD-test 301F, full product)
minimum impact on aquatic life. (OECD-test 201&202, full product)
against animal testing
suitable for septic tanks

Packaging materials

This bottle is 100% Plant-astic & 100% Recyclable