Ecover Stain Remover 200ml

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Product description

Eradicate stubborn everyday stains with Ecover Stain Remover, previous winner of Which? Best Buy for stain removal. This powerhouse is ideal for all your laundry needs , from cuffs and collars to cricket whites.

Grime-fighting enzymes roll up their sleeves and wrestle tough protein-based stains from your clothes. Mud and grass, blood and sweat don't stand a chance against this pocket powerhouse.

Ecover Stain Remover - Benefits

Perfect for fabrics including shirt collars and cuffs
Plant based ingredients
Very effective in removing grass, mud, blood and obstinate grease and protein stains.
With handy and efficient brush
For whites and colourfast laundry
No chemical residue
Ecover Stain Remover - Environmental advantage:

Quick and complete biodegradability. (OECD-test 301F, full product)
Minimum impact on aquatic life. (OECD-test 201&202, full product)
Against animal testing
Safe for septic tanks
Packaging material:

Bottle and label are made of polyethylene; cap and brush of polypropylene.
Polyethylene and polypropylene are 100 % recyclable and can be recycled together perfectly.

5-15%: Non-ionic surfactants
<5%: Anionic surfactants Perfume (Linalool) Preservative (Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone) Enzymes
Other: Water Alcohol denat. Sodium chloride Citric acid
Contents: 200ml