Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol - 10oz / 295ml

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Product description

Optimize Your Braking Performance
Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner is engineered to rapidly clean disc brake rotors. Using an acetone-free formula, Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner helps eliminate brake squeal and improve braking response by flushing out dirt and oil residue, and by breaking down baked-on brake glaze
Designed to leave zero residue after application, Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner is strong enough to clean the dirtiest rotors, yet safe enough to use around paint, carbon fibre and plastic parts.
It will also displace moisture from every part of the disc brake system. For optimum preventative maintenance, use after all wet weather rides

Fast, Residue Free Treatment: Easy one step process, spray and ride
Cleans Both Pads and Rotors: Eliminates squealing
Removes Dirt, Oil and Glaze: Provides optimal and predictable braking response
Displaces Moisture from Braking Surfaces: Best preventative maintenance practice after wet weather rides

Application Tips
Rotors: Spray both sides, allow to dry
Pads: Remove wheel, spray pads. For ingrained soils, remove pads from caliper, soak in brake cleaner solution, buff with abrasive material as necessary