Lily's Kitchen Multipack 6 x Classic Dinners 400g

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When Lily the border terrier became ill with itchy skin, it was homemade, natural food that made her better.

Now Lily's Kitchen creates proper food for pets, full of healthy, nourishing and quality ingredients.

It's why our recipes use real meat, offal and veg and it's why you can see and smell the difference when you serve it up.

Now, for the very first time, you can treat your dog to our classic recipes as a mixed 6 pack! With this selection of 3 different, equally delicious, natural and healthy dog food recipes, your four-legged friend can enjoy sampling their own menu of scrumptious suppers.

Whichever recipe they choose, it'll be made with freshly prepared, nutritious meat, vibrant vegetables and botanical herbs.

And thanks to top notch ingredients and a clever chef, each complete and balanced meal will be utterly irresistible to your dog.

Suitable for adult dogs