Lockitdown Fridge Lock - Red with 30mm Brass Padlock

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Product description

Lockitdown(tm) Refrigerator Door Locks install easily and provide excellent security utilizing super-strength 3M VHB adhesive. Properly installed they provide overÿ500+ÿpounds of resistive force.

Built in the USA, using only stainless steel cables not "aircraft" cable which rusts easily.

Currently in use in tens of thousands of installations at offices, labs, college dorms, commercial kitchens, medical offices and hospitals, and at home for elder care, adult care and special needs child care.

Restrict access to garage refrigerators, outdoor kitchens and freezers. They will even lock up coolers, metal or wood cabinet doors, laminate doors, computer cases, filing cabinets, laundry washer & dryers and other large appliances like stoves or dishwashers and just about any item with a smooth, flat surface for application.

Single set of Adhesive Cable locks with 30mm brass padlock included.

LockitDown(tm) Refrigerator Door Locks are great for all applications in both domestic and commercial settings. Secures one door and works on standard, commercial, and standup fridges and freezers. No drilling required so avoids potential damage and costly repairs of internal water and cooling lines.

Contains 1 set of adhesive cable pads 2"x3", with riveted 6" Stainless Steel cables only. Locks install in minutes with included 3M VHB adhesive pads.

Note: The padlock in the product image is for illustrative purposes only and the brand of the padlock supplied may vary.