Miele Cutlery Basket

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Product description

Please contact us with the model reference from your Miele dishwasher to confirm this is the correct replacement part for your appliance.

Miele part reference: 06024710

Genuine Miele Cutlery Basket Cage with Handle (8 Compartments)
Genuine Replacement Spare Part
Dimensions: Height (Inc handle) 270mm -- Width: 155mm -- Depth: 235 mm
Fits models: G1020, G1021, G1022, G1023, G1042, G1043, G1120, G1130, G1140, G1142, G1143, G1152, G1170, G1172, G1173, G1174, G1180, G1181, G1182, G1183, G1200, G1220, G1222, G1224, G1225, G1225SC, G1232, G1233, G1235, G1242, G1243, G1244, G1245, G1252, G1255, G1270, G1272, G1274, G1275, G1282, G1283, G1285, G1287, G1293, G1297, G1320, G1330, G1343, G1344, G1355, G1383, G1384, G1422, G1432, G1442, G1472, G1482, G1532, G1534, G1552, G1554, G1572, G1574, G1582, G1584, G1672, G1674, G1732, G1734, G1832, G1833, G1834, G1872, G1874, G2020, G2022, G2023, G2040, G2042, G2120, G2141, G2142, G2143, G2150, G2152, G2170, G2172, G2173, G2174, G2180, G2181, G2182, G2220, G2222, G2224, G2225, G2230, G2232, G2235, G2242, G2243, G2245, G2270, G2272, G2275, G2282, G2283, G2285, G2287, G2297, G2330, G2343, G2355, G2383, G2384, G2422, G2432, G2472, G2482, G2532, G2534, G2552, G2554, G2572, G2574, G2582, G2584, G2672, G2674, G2732, G2734, G2832, G2834, G2872, G2874, G305, G307, G3152, G3182, G3232, G346, G346PLUS, G349, G356, G356PLUS, G370, G371, G372, G375, G381, G391, G396, G396SCHEPLUS, G398PLUS, G520, G520I, G520U, G521, G521I, G521U, G522, G522I, G522U, G525, G525I, G525U, G526, G526U, G527, G527I, G527U, G528, G528I, G528U, G530, G530I, G530U, G531, G531I, G531U, G532, G532I, G532U, G540I, G540U, G542, G542I, G542U, G5602, G5602I, G5602U, G560, G560I, G560IW, G560U, G560UW, G560W, G562, G562I, G562IW, G562U, G562UW, G563IW, G563SI, G565SI, G565SU, G567SI, G567SU, G570, G570I, G570U, G571, G571I, G571U, G572I, G572SC, G572U, G574, G574I, G575I, G575U, G576, G576I, G577, G577I, G577SC, G577U, G579, G579I, G579U, G580, G580I, G580U, G58, G582I, G582U, G588, G590, G590I, G590SC, G590U, G591, G591I, G591U, G592, G592I, G593, G593I, G593U, G594, G594I, G595, G595I, G595U, G634, G634PLUS, G636, G636IPLUS, G636PLUS, G638, G638IPLUS, G638SCUPLUS, G638UPLUS, G639, G639IPLUS, G639PLUS, G640, G640PLUS, G641, G641PLUS, G643, G643PLUS, G644, G645, G645PLUS, G646, G646PLUS, G647, G647PLUS
And Models: G648, G649, G651, G651IPLUS, G651PLUS, G653, G653PLUS-3, G653PLUS, G653SCVIPLUS, G653VI, G653VIPLUS-2, G653VIPLUS, G654, G654PLUS, G656, G656IPLUS-3, G656IPLUS, G656PLUS, G657, G657PLUS, G658, G658PLUS, G661, G662, G663, G663PLUS, G664, G665, G666, G667, G668, G669, G670, G671, G673, G673VI, G674, G675, G676, G677, G678, G679, G679VI, G680, G681, G681PLUS, G682, G683, G683PLUS, G684, G684PLUS, G685, G686PLUS, G687, G688, G689, G689PLUS, G690, G691, G691PLUS, G692, G694PLUS, G696PLUS, G698, G698PLUS, G765, G767, G770, G772, G775, G780, G785, G787, G841, G841PLUS, G842, G842PLUS, G843PLUS, G846, G846PLUS, G847, G847PLUS, G848, G848PLUS, G850PLUS, G851, G851PLUS, G853, G853PLUS, G856, G856PLUS, G857, G857PLUS, G858, G858PLUS, G858VI, G860, G863, G863PLUS, G865, G867, G868, G870, G875, G876, G877, G879, G879VI, G880, G881, G881PLUS, G882, G884, G884PLUS, G885, G886, G887, G890, G891, G892, G892PLUS, G894, G894PLUS, G896, G896PLUS, G898, G898PLUS, G973SCVIPLUS, G975, G975IPLUS, G975SC, G975SCIPLUS, G977 PLUS