Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable

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Product description

The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable is an innovative way of conveniently mounting and moving the Orbiloc Safety Light to any of your gear.
The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable consists of two parts, the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap, and the Orbiloc Quick Mount

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is made of silicone-rubber, which is the type of rubber most resilient to extreme environments, sunlight, and temperatures.

Slip Resistant Ribs
The slip resistant ribs ensure that the Orbiloc Safety Light is securely fastened and that it cannot slide - even when fastened to e.g. a thin webbing.

Easy and Quick Adjustment
The 4 holes makes it easy and quick to adjust the strap, enabling the Orbiloc Safety Light to be mounted on all types of gear - whatever the width or thickness - without squeezing and leaving marks.

Package content:

1 x Orbiloc Quick Mount
1 x Orbiloc Adjustable Strap