Sebo Disco Floor Polisher Head

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Product description

Designed to fit your Felix or K3 Premium vacuum cleaner, this useful Disco attachment turns your Sebo vacuum cleaner into a high quality floor polisher.

And this is how they work together: your Sebo vacuum removes fine particles, leaving the floor dust free, whilst the highly efficient floor polisher attachment creates a brilliant gloss surface. The result is a spotlessly clean floor that leaves even small areas looking clean and bright.

Of course appearances aren't everything. Using the floor polisher attachment will also create a protective coating for the floor, when used with an appropriate floor maintenance product. The ultra high speed action causes the ingredients in a floor maintainer to bond together to form a new surface.

Regular use of the Disco will maintain this protective layer, sealing any scratches and microscopic cracks in the floor which could otherwise hold dirt and moisture. The floor will not only be clean and hygienic, used regularly it can also prolong the life of the floor.

Unlike a dedicated polisher which has to be forced to change direction, the Disco attachment is designed to move about with ease. The flexible swivel neck enables it can be steered around obstacles with minimal effort.

The Sebo Disco is intelligent too. The green LED light indicates that it's operational and everything is ok. The red LED light comes on if it's shut down for safety reasons, such as a blockage.

Three high quality castors, soft coated to protect the floor and supported by stainless steel shafts, ensure the Disco runs smoothly over the floor. The two rear castors swivel through 360ø for manoeuvrability whilst the middle castor stabilises the Disco and enables it to stay on course.

A quick release system means you can remove and re-fit the floor pads quickly and easily. The Disco has a lower and upper bumper to help protect both walls and furniture from being marked or damaged. The clear suction duct cover makes it easy to identify blockages. A quick release button makes access fast and simple.

Sealed wood with water resistant finish
Unsealed or oiled wood
Marble, granite
Linoleum, vinyl
Limited suitability:
Porous natural stone, e.g. slate
Laminate with water resistant finish
Porous tile, e.g. terracotta
Cushion vinyl
The Sebo Disco is recommended for cleaning and maintenance of most hard floors, however please refer to the manufacturers' care instructions/usage guides for your flooring and floor maintenance products.