Gardening and Pesticides

Gardening and Pesticides

Herb Seeds : Sage

Great for meat dishes


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Doff Chicken Manure 2.5Kg

£4.50 inc VAT

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Doff Liquid Seaweed Concentrate 1L

Organic & Natural Plant Growth Stimulant

£3.79 inc VAT

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Felco Model 11 Grower Secateurs - Right Handed

Bypass Cutting Action

£59.99 inc VAT

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5kg Fruity Wild Bird Seed

13 different ingredients

£12.99 inc VAT

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3kg Sunflower Hearts

High in Oil for energy

£8.99 inc VAT

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5kg Sunflower Hearts

High in oil for energy

£13.99 inc VAT

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2694 Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Pro

£34.99 inc VAT

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5kg Peanuts

High in Energy. All year round feeding

£16.99 inc VAT

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Q4 Fertiliser 2.5KG

Premier Fertiliser for fruit, vegetables, flowers or roses

£10.25 inc VAT

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HG Green Slime Remover 1L

HG Hagesan Green Slime Remover removes the familiar mould, algae, lichen or moss from external surfaces such as patios, paths, walls, tiles, fences, decking, boats, caravans and terracotta pots, etc

£6.90 inc VAT

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Ceramic Mealworm Feeder

£18.99 inc VAT

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