Gardening and Pesticides

Gardening and Pesticides

New Horizon Peat Free All Purpose Compost 50L

Specially created to be the perfect compost for all fruit and vegetables, herbs, & seeds

£9.95 inc VAT

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Westland Play Sand 20kg Bag

Perfect for garden sand pits.

£6.95 inc VAT

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Organic Slug & Snail Killer 400G

Suitable for Organic Gardening

£3.99 inc VAT

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Tubtrug Shallow Pistachio 5L

5 Litre Capacity

£4.00 inc VAT

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Orchid Drip Feeders - 5 Pack

no mess, no fuss and no mixing.

£4.99 inc VAT

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HG Patio Cleaner 1L

HG Hagesan Patio Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been specially designed for the cleaning of dirty and stained concrete, slabs and paving stones.

£7.30 inc VAT

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Ant Gone Ant Killer Watering Can 5 Litre

Ready to Use

£10.49 inc VAT

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Ideal for pots or borders


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