Tableau Dry Lube Spray Silicone Lubricant 200ml

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Product description

Silicone Dry Lube is a high quality silicone spray lubricant. It is ideal for camping and caravanning, lubricating locks, hinges, drawers, curtain tracks and UPVC windows, without making a mess. Using this silicon lubricant rather than a conventional oil means that you can lubricate without staining. Dry Lube is stainless and grease free.

Use Dry Lube in the workshop as winter protection for woodworking tools, mowers, saws and other metal equipment.

Use Dry Lube for camping equipment such as zips, poles and clips. It is ideal for caravanners and boating enthusiasts - vents, runners and fittings can all be treated with this silicone lubricant with instant results.

Use Dry Lube around the home to lubricate drawers, locks, hinges, buggies, double glazing and many other fittings.