Vitax Box Tree Moth Trap

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The VITAX Box Tree Moth Trap is a completely pesticide-free pheromone based trap.

The trap has been designed to attract male Box Tree Moths only and will not harm beneficial insects in your garden.

Vitax Box Tree Moth Trap
Protects up to 200mý
Bird friendly glue free trap
contains reusable trap and 12 weeks of Pheromone lure
Suitable for use in organic gardens
Pack contains 1 trap and 2 lures
Pheromone refills available to purchase separately
Box Tree Moths
Box tree moths are a relatively new insect to the UK, but have a devastating effect on buxus if not prevented or treated.

The Buxus Moth is generagally active from mid-April - October, peaking between mid-July to the end of September.

The moth has a wingspan of 38-40mm with white wings edged with bronze/brown. There can be up to 3 generations of caterpillars during one season!

Vitax Box Tree Moth Trap consists of a trap with 2 pheromone lures to attract the male box tree moths, monitoring and helping control this serious pest.

The lure attracts male moths which then drop through the funnel into the trap.

Minor infestations may be adequately controlled by preventing males from mating with female moths.

For severe infestations the monitoring trap provides warning, allowing timely control measures to be introduced.