From ecological and earth friendly to specialist chemicals for the professional industry, if it needs cleaning we have the perfect products.

HG Parquet Colour Renovator 500Ml

HG parquet & wood colour renovator goes deep into the wood to bring faded colour back out. This means that bleached marks, rings and areas faded by the sun return to their original colour.

£13.10 inc VAT

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HG Rust and Oxidation Remover 500Ml

Removes rust spots and other oxidation stains in ceramic tiles, roof tiles, concrete, marble and other natural stone, as well as in metal and wood.

£8.40 inc VAT

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Ecover Rinse Aid 500ml

Ecover Dishwasher Rinse Aid helps your dishwasher to produce naturally shiny dishes without streaks

£3.99 inc VAT

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Neutradol One Disinfectant Surface Spray - Cotton

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

£3.99 inc VAT

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Large Car Sponge

Ideal for all cleaning jobs

£1.15 inc VAT

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Extra power White Vinegar - 1 Litre Bottle

Natural Extra Strength Cleaner

£6.50 inc VAT

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Bona Spray Mop Kit - Oiled Wood Floors

Bona premium floor mops are durable, effective and easy to use. The Wood Floor Spray Mop enables you to clean and maintain your wood floor in a sweep. Ergonomic and simple to use, the Spray Mop is quick to assemble and refill.

£36.99 inc VAT

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Bar Keepers Friend Cream Cleaner 350ml BKF

Gentle on surfaces....Tough on Stains

£3.25 inc VAT

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Uniwipe Clinical Wipes 200 Wipes

Effective against viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Herpes Simplex, Hepatitus C Virus

£11.99 inc VAT

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NikWax Tech Wash 5L

The No.1 easy to use, safe, high performance cleaner for wet weather clothing and equipment.

£37.99 inc VAT

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HG Freezer De-Icer

Thanks to HG Freezer De-Icer, this ice can be removed simply and quickly, without the frozen food having time to defrost. Regular use of HG Freezer De-Icer reduces icing-up to a minimum

£6.30 inc VAT

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Bar Keepers Friend Trigger Spray 500ml BKF

Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray is a powerful surface cleaner for use throughout your home.

£2.95 inc VAT

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